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  "The DANCE Of The Earth starts in PATTAYA, KO SAMUI and BANGKOK, THAILAND",  kiss fm 2021


Milton P. Kahblamovich

About me

MPK wakes up every morning (ok, afternoon.. well, early evening) and KNOWs that today *will* be better than tomorrow.  It's his goal in life to help you have a Gratitude Attack.


"Live The Dream.  If you're not, you're doing it wrong" --

-- Milton P.,  August 2021

Johnny Cupcakes

About me

He's the legendaryDJ, a true On-Air *Peronalsity ven when Off-Air, the Engineer's favorite Chief Engineer, Extroverted, High-Energy Radio Guy.  From Boston to Bangkok, California to Koh Phangan.


"The Sky Is NOT The Limit" --

--  Johnny, July 2021


Ami "Boobs" McDonough

About me

Fiiiinally an ON-AIR Personality that *does not*have a "face for radio" -- Ami is blessed with a Personality and Energy that says, "LET'S ENJOY LIFE!  NOW!!! 

"I don't want to work at anywhere *but* KISS!" ----  Ami, August 20201